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Broker: Pre-licensing
To take your brokers license exam, you need:

  • Two years as a licensed agent

  • A minimum of 20 qualified closed transactions

  • Two years of college equal to:

    *60 semester hours or *90 quarter hours

  • Complete the four required classes

The four required broker classes are:

Business Law
Teaches the basic legal aspects real estate broker practitioners must understand to operate with in the law and protect client interests. Includes risk management and insurance options. Special attention to contract law, agency and government regulations.
Total 30 Hours

Business Economics
Studies the basic economic system of the United States with attention to specific forces that drive the economy. Included are market economy, interest rates, macroeconomics, industry finance and secondary markets.
Total 30 hours

Financial Management
Reviews the basic concepts of sound financial management of business firms. Includes financial analysis, financial planning, working capital management, advertising , annual budgets and business financing options.
Total 30 hours

Human Resources Management
The course will examine personnel functions in the area of business ownership including job analysis, recruiting and hiring. It will also review training and performance appraisal review and compensation as well as developing a policy manual and benefits program.
Total 30 Hours

Real Estate Sales
Business Assistant
Real Estate Instructor
BPO Provider