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Ohio Institute of Real Estate Studies, L.L.C.
In Affiliation with Terra State Community College

Classes are offered for Non-Credit but are Credit eligible. Applications for credit are available through Terra State Community College.

In class or online?

Our belief is that the classroom is most effective in conveying up to date information. A portion of each class may have on-line home work assignments. You will be able log on and do these assignments at your convenience.

Do I have to take the classes in any order?

No, there is no specific order. You may start with any class, at any time. We run our classes concurrently all year long.

What are time requirements for the Pre-license class?

Classes include:
  • Principles and Practices of Real Estate: 40 hours
  • Real Estate Law: 40 hours
  • Appraisal: 20 hours
  • Real Estate Finance: 20 hours
Classes and Schedules

If it has to do with real estate, we teach it! We also provide the flexibility of class schedules and times you need to meet your busy schedule!

What is the Cancellation Refund Policy?

Any student may cancel or withdraw from a program prior to the first class and shall be entitled to a full refund of tuition. Refund requests MUST be made prior to the start of class. As expenses are incurred in the initial registration of a student, registration fees are non-refundable. A processing fee of $50 will be applied in all cases. If a student received a discount, business incentive or scholarship, the refund will be based on the amount actually paid by the student. Payments made at ANY reduced rate, or package pricing are NON-REFUNDABLE after the first class start date.

What about certificates?

Students will be provided with one original certificate after the completion of each class.

Still not sure? Please feel free to give me a call. 1-800-870-0344 - Joyce Willson, Director..
Can these classes be covered under the GI Bill?
The classes are approved for Veteran Training for specific locations. Contact us for an approved location.
I took the courses a little over 5 years ago, do I have to take again?
The Ohio classes are good for 10 years. Please call to discuss your specific situation. Our main number is 1-800-870-0344.
I purchased the online classes and a couple of weeks later, I received an offer of employment outside of real estate that I need to take. Since I did not complete the classes, can I obtain a refund?
Every individual case has different circumstances and therefore a different answer. Please call the office at 1-800-870-0344 to discuss.
I just signed up for an online course and I found out that my local community college is offering the same class. I am finding it difficult to follow along with the online instruction, I think I would do better in a classroom. My question is am I able to get a refund on this course?
It depends, on how far you have gotten in the course. Feel free to call and discuss this issue with the Director.. 1-800-870-0344
I am an online student in CE and currently in the middle of a class. I signed out and now I am trying to sign back in. What is my sign-in name and password?
This will be on the original confirmation you received when signing up and paying for the class.
What is the cost to take classes?
There are many variables involved...package pricing , Veteran and past student discounts, so please contact us directly at 1-800-870-0344.

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