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Sales: Pre-licensing Classes
Required before the potential sales agent can take the real estate exam in Ohio.

Classes are offered year round and may be taken ANY time! No need to wait to start

Classes package include:

  • Real Estate Principles and Practices: 40 hours
  • Real Estate Law: 40 hours
  • Appraisal: 20 hours
  • Real Estate Finance: 20 hours

See below for Pre licensing class descriptions

Real Estate Principles and Practices
Lays the foundation for all other courses in the Pre- licensing program. Introduces real estate
concepts, terminology and operations in the framework of typical sales transactions from listing to
closing. Topics include:

Real Estate Law
Teaches the basic legal concepts real estate practitioners must understand and operate within
protect client interests.

Real Estate Appraisal
Reviews the Real basic concepts of value, principles of property valuation, and depreciation. It
outlines the three standard approaches to determining value, the replacement cost, income
approach and market comparison. Includes the correlation of approaches, preparation of
appraisal reports, and the ethics of appraising.

Real Estate Finance
Surveys the major instruments and methods of real estate finance covering both the lender’s and
the borrower’s view-points. Includes the economics and regulations of the mortgage money
market. Offers an applied study of various financing techniques featuring the latest alternatives
for coping with unstable interest rates and money supplies.

Real Estate Sales
Business Assistant
Real Estate Instructor
BPO Provider